Webster’s dictionary defines a slave as “a person held in servitude as the chattel of another”.   The word ‘chattle’ refers to a human being that is owned by another human being. HIGH BRIGHT 5730 E27 LED BULBS LAMP GLOBE LIGHT COOL WARM WHITE 85-260V 5 9 12W By our modern definition of slavery, we cannot comprehend the concept of a person being owned by … Continue reading
What follows is an email I received from a man named Mark. “BGR- I have been reading your articles for about two years now. HI-PRO S8924 40W LED Hi-lumen directional lamp 3000K Medium 100-277VBeen married to my wife over 16 years and we have children together, our oldest of which is a teenager.  My background includes being raised in the church and my … High effect 5w 10w rgb led bulb dimmable lights+ir control e26 base 85-265v CF6


“Is marriage worth bothering with? I’m surrounded by mediocre marriages; I don’t see anyone or at best very few who have a marriage that I would want to have.Hirsh Industries X-Liner 56-Gal. Trash Bags, 100 Count My sister has been married a short time and she tells me how hard it is and it seems like so much difficulty with so little … High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb Bright White Light Output 2 Bulbs